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Pvt RF drive test tools & equipment and lte 4g tester

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ПовідомленняНаписане: п'ятниця березня 31, 2023 12:56 pm    Тема повідомлення: Pvt RF drive test tools & equipment and lte 4g tester Відповісти цитуючи

RF Drive test/testing is a procedure of network measurement conducted as driving to assess the performance of a wireless modem/Wi-fi system. Whether it?s collecting signal strength, mobile network latency, voice call KPIs, and GPS coordinates, RF Drive testing offers the best possible solutions to network operator. It is well-known in the telecom industry to improve network performance. RF drive test is performed by RF engineers by capturing accurate real-world data of the RF environment and when it is identified under a specific set of environmental and network conditions.

RF drive test with traditional technique is more time-consuming and provides some accuracy - helps perform various measurements, such as dropped call, short and long duration CS call, RF Signal strength measurement, Checking RLC throughput, Edge and GPRS testing with short and long PS calls, Idle and connected mode tests, etc. A modern network testing technique (non-traditional) has come into the picture, i.e., RantCell app. This app is one of the best effective RF tester apps and more effective for network engineers to evaluate network performance with full accuracy ?Android smartphones for 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G drive testing solutions are supported with RantCell.

It is known as one of the modern network testing tools that are efficient for network engineers to evaluate network performance. Further, it allows operators to perform RF Drive tests, indoor tests, and successful walk tests. RantCell is designed as a convenient, cost-effective, and well-developed tool used as a smartphone-based application, used to get a larger geographical footprint of mobile networks and create crowd-sourced QoE data. It is indeed beneficial for mass deployment either in a single or hundreds of Android-based smartphones for mass drive testing. Moreover, the RantCell tool allows telecom operators to avoid purchasing costly hardware to perform RF drive tests with mobile phone-based applications (supported in both Android and iOS handsets).

RantCell provides Pvt services like.

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